Boat allowed                                     

Bait Boat allowed                          

Surface area                                         



Number of Fish                                 

Stock of Big Fish                              

Biggest Fish 2015/2016                   


Washing facilities                                 

Price per angler/week                    

Price per angler/3 nights             

Price non angler/week   


Camper/Caravan possible               








Laguna Blu


1 march till 6 january







aprox 600

aprox 70 fish over 20kg

3 carp between 29 and 32 kg


2 toilets and 2 showers open 24h






yes, except swim 2 and 14


a very well maintained venue with an outstanding management

Boilies and pellets can be purchased on site. 4 double swims /9 single swims. Grass carp to over 30kg




The Lake Laguna Blu is situated in the province of Vicenza, in the town of Orgiano. Under the surface of this clear sand pit lie bars, shelves and plateaus. Depth vary ranging from 2m to 11m in the deepest parts. The lake holds 14 swims, 11 of them are single swims and 3 are double swims (1,2,3). The single swims are not too far apart making them still sociable when you would like to come with 2,3 or more fisherman. Most of the swims feature platforms for even more comfort.


Not many snags can be found at Laguna Blu.  The venues stands out for it’s Mediterranean flair. There are many rare plants like plams and for the region unusual flowers. The rich vegetation provides lots of shade on those hot summer days. The owner Fabio Brojanigo makes shure that everything is in top condition to make your stay even more pleasant. The facilities comprise 2 showers and 2 toilets, as well as fridge, freezer, charging points for electronical devices  and drinks and coffee machine. The lake is completely fenced and surveilled 24h a day. All swims are accessible by car, and the car can be parked in your swim.

The population of carp is marvellous and comprises aprox 600 mirror and common with the odd fully scaled. The number of big fish is outstanding, featuring not less than 80 carp over 20kg. The biggest fish in the lake is a 33kg mirror and the biggest grass carp is 31kg.



At the lake you can buy boilies (14/16mm) as well as pellets (3-4mm). These are proven to be great if used for feeding and for fishing. We advise you to try them out, because the fish will immediately see it as natural food.

Prices Boilies 1kg 8,5€

           Pellets  1kg 2,00€


The swims (except 5bis/7/8/13) have wooden platforms so a Rod Pod is mandatory (no stage stands allowed). Every angler will receive an unhooking mat and weighsling.


The are many grass carp between 25 and 30 kg. To give you the ultimate fight there are some sturgeons that will put your tackle to the test. If you like to have a go at the big largemouth bass in the lake don’t forget your lure rod, as they go up to 4 kg!! In the summer the odd channel catfish will make it’s apparition. Laguna Blu will excite you. Feel free to bring your wife or girlfriend with you, she will enjoy it. The Season starts on the first weekend in March   and ends on the 6th of February. In those two month the lake is closed but feel free to contact us if you would like to try a winter session. We might be able to get you a place.

Week (Sunday to Sunday or Friday to Friday) 260€ included membership and insurance card

Deposit required  70€

Non angler/companion   5€ per day plus 5 € for membership and insurance card


Week (Sunday to Sunday ) 260€ included membership and insurance card


Deposit required  140€


Non angler/companion   5€ per day plus 5 € for membership and insurance card


Swims available from 12am /cleared on departure by 10am


Laguna Special /Prices per person


Sunday to Friday 210€ plus 5 € for membership and insurance card


Deposit required  120€


Non angler/companion   5€ per day plus 5 € for membership and insurance card


Swims available from 10am /cleared on departure by 10am


Waste contribution for disposal at the lake 5€ per week.


Laguna Blu

Via Moreggio 5

36040 Orgiano(VI)


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