Boat allowed                                     

Bait Boat allowed                          

Surface area                                         



Number of Fish                                 

Stock of Big Fish                              

Biggest Fish 2019                 


Washing facilities                                 

Price per angler/week                    

Price per angler/3 nights             

Price non angler/week   


Camper/Caravan possible               









Aqvatika Lake


all year round

yes on swims 8/9/10/11/12/16/18

yes on all the swims




aprox 1200

10 fish up to 30kg+

mirror 36kg and common 41kg

yes toilets and showers

250€ (330€ if only 1 angler)



wooden platforms on pegs 12 till 18, extra fee for the use of boat 10€ per

night and swim. There is also a Freezer at the lake.

Very good winter water!!



Aqvatika Lake opened his door to the public on the 1st September of 2016. The lake is around 20ha in size and up to 25m deep and given that after the gravel extractions it was closed for 30 years, there are surely some “heavy” surprises to be found. Fish over 30kg have already been caught as well as several 20 and 30 kg plus carp. Half of the 18 double swims feature wooden platforms where to fish from. All swims as said are double swims but they can be fished also as singles with a higher fee. 3 rods per angler are allowed and they have to be cast from the bank or placed with the bait boat. There are though also 7 swims where a boat is allowed (please look above). The boat can be brought from home or can be rented at the lake. Of course, electric outboards and echo sounders are allowed. Markers can also be placed and the use of the life jacket is mandatory. The swims feature also in summer lots of shade due to the old trees on the bank. The whole area is fenced and the car can be parked by the swim.


Important hint: The use of boats is only allowed with a life jacket and after the signage of a document which states that every angler takes his responsibility. Should someone be seen in the boat without the life jacket it’s an instant ban from the lake. The boat is allowed from placing rigs and feeding but can only be used to land a fish if the fish is snagged. 3 rods per angler are allowed if the swim is occupied by 2 anglers. If the swim is occupied by only 1 angler 4 rods can be used. Pellets can be bought at the lake. If they are ordered in advance the price is 50€ for a 25kg sack. The use of these pellets is highly recommended as the fish respond well to them. The waste can be left at the lake but must be divided due to recycling policy (organic /glass /metal /paper /plastic).



The lake houses at least 1200 carp of various sizes, so catching 25-30 fish a week is not rare. You can also spin fish while you are fishing for carp (no extra fee). Open fireplaces are not allowed. Gas and charcoal grills are fine. Pets are also welcome at the lake. Caravans and campers are suited for all the swims. All particles except of maize are allowed. A membership card is needed to fish Aqvatika Lake. The cost is 6€ and can be bought at the lake on arrival.


Week 2 anglers on double swim / Sunday to Sunday / 250€ per angler (3 rods per angler)

3 nights 2 anglers on double swim / 165€ per angler


Week 1 angler on double swim / Sunday to Sunday / 330€ (3 rods) No double Swims for more than one Angler !

3 nights 1 angler on double swim / 200€


VIP- Swims 8/9/10/11/12/16 and 18 boat allowed!! Extra fee of 10€ per night and swim if use of own boat, 20€ per night and swim if the boat gets rented at the lake (rowing boat)


Arrival from 12am – departure by 12am


Deposit for week booking /140€ per angler (150€ if 1 angler on double swim)


Non-angler/companion / 35€ per week


Membership card / 6€ per angler


Waste contribution per angler and week / 5€


Aqvatika Lake

Strada provinciale s596 dir1 dei Cairoli

15033 Terranova (AL)



Description: when you through the village of Terranova at the exit of the village turn right at the first road, right by the sign , then continue for 3km till you arrive at the lake (you can find photos in the swims section).

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