Boat allowed                                     

Bait Boat allowed                          

Surface area                                         



Number of Fish                                 

Stock of Big Fish                              



Biggest Fish 2019                   


Washing facilities                                 

Price per angler/week 


Price/Week/VIP Swim "Casetta"

with Cabin                 


Price whole Lake/week             

Price non angler/week   


Camper/Caravan possible               









Bridges Lake


all year round





5 - 11 Meter

aprox 800 carp ( 150 amur carp )

aprox 20 fish over 20kg

200 fish from 14 to 20 kg (in fast growing)

38 kg Common Carp 


toilets and showers open 24h

250€ (boat, engine and batterie included)


550,00€ ( 2 Angler inkl. Boat mit E-Motor und Batterie)


2500€ (max 16 anglers)

free of charge



Electricity and Water on every Swim. There are 6 double and 4 single swims, grasscarp to over 30kg, dogs are welcome but must be kept on the swims.

Pellets for sale at the lake




Bridge`s Lake (former Lago Eurofish), is situated 100km north of Rome and run by the new owner Enrico Laria. In the past years the lake was only open to a small group of club members and the occasional guests. We are very pleased to have found a good cooperation with the new ownership, in term to be able to offer this beautiful and in it´s conformation unique venue through Italien Carp Lakes.

The Lake was created in 1975 through the flooding of a stone pit. Since the beginning the lake was very rich on natural food such as bloodworm, snails and other water insects. Very characteristic is the bridge that was build for a new road in 1990, that runs through the lake cutting it in two almost exact halves.

From 2004 till 2006 I paid a couple of visits to the lake myself and in that time we were already catching fish over 20kg up to 25kg!!

Over the years the pylons of the bridge have become one of the main food sources for the fish that swim in the lake, being very rich on mussels, snails, crabs and other creatures. Each pylon is set on a platform, which then is set on 8 more pylons of 1m diameter that are firmly anchored to the lake bed. The depth here is around 9m to 11m.

You will find 10 swims, all equipped with a boat included in the price. You can also bring your own boat or use a bait boat.

Of course, the bridge that runs through the lake is like a magnet that draws the attention from all the anglers. But the pylons are just one of the hot spots that the lake has to offer. It is worth investigating the open water as well as the margins, as these have proven to deliver fish also. You can use Spomb and Marker rod as well as fixed markers in the lake. All the rules can be read in our section “News and Rules”. It is also important to use an Echo Sounder.

TIP !! FOOD AND BAIT - As the Past has shown feeding with the Pellets of the company "Veronesi" (4mm) and with corn flakes (similar Kellogs) and shredded Boilies is very successful. It is sufficient to feed 1-2 handful per Rod, or only in the PVA Bag. As a Hookbait we recommend a small Boilie (10-12mm) or Pop Up, or a fake maize corn (plastic). Pellets and Corn Flakes can be bought at the Lake, the Prices are as follows: Pellets 25 kg for 45 Euros, Corn Flakes 25 kg for 18 Euros. According to the Staff, 10kg of Boilies are enough for one Week in combination with this Baiting. You can not buy Boilies at the Lake. This strategy has so far achieved the best Results.


The stock in the Bridge`s Lake is very good and counts around 800 carp of different species and size. In fact, around 50 fish are over the 20kg mark and most of the weeks they visit the banks of the lake. The two biggest fish are mirrors of 32kg and 33kg. Biggest Common ist 38 kg !! The grasscarp go even up to 35kg in this lake. The last stocking was made in 2019.

Toilets and showers can be found near the entrance by peg 1. You can also fill your water carriers there and there is also a fridge if you need to keep your food chilled. Power is also available there to charge electronical devices. Just a couple of minutes away from the lake you will find all the shops you might need as well as bank and petrol Station.

NEW in 2020 you have Electricity and fresh Water on every Swim !


Week / Saturday to Saturday / Euro 250,00 ( inkl. Boat , Engine and Batterie, please take an Echo Sounder by yourself, it is necessary) / 2 anglers with 4 rods on double swim per person


​Week / Saturday to Saturday / Euro 350,00 ( inkl. Boat ) / 1 angler with 4 rods on double swim


​Week / Saturday to Saturday / Euro 250,00 ( inkl. Boat ) / 1 angler with 4 rods on single swim

Week / Saturday to Saturday / VIP Swim "Casetta" including Cabin Euro 550,00 (including Boat) 2 Angler with each 4 Rods


Payment : Deposit and half of Rest by Booking, Rest at Arrivel at the Lake


Non angler/ companion / free


Insurance Card 2020 / 5 Euro per Person and year to pay at the Lake

Arrival Saturday from 9 am  - Departure Saturday till 12

The swims 2 / 3 / 6 and 8 are single swims, all the others are double swims



- Swim 10  "Casetta"  has a Cabin with 3x3Meters, with a Door and 2 Windows but no Furnishings (VIP Swim) 2 Angler​


- Never all Swims are booked so their is every time a buffer for busy times


- in case you wish to bring your own boat, no discount will be applied to the original price


​Further services

- NEW in 2020 Electricity and fresh Water on every Swim. Water for free, Electricity you have to pay what you consume

- Tackle hire - Price on Request


​- Pizza Delivery Service to the Swim ( oder max. 17.30 pm)


- Handmade italien Food - Price List at the Lake


​Bridge´s Lake


Bridge´s Lake

Strada di Maratta Bassa 87

05100 Terni TR Italien


​Stand 15/01/2020 – Subject to changes !

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